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Discover the mission and mandate behind Playa's Fit Club




Gena Wright, affectionately known to her friends and family as "Playa", faced a devastating diagnosis at the age of 39 in the form of Breast Cancer. Gena's family began to cover her in support as she sought to fight back against the disease. Her faith and village of loved ones kept her attitude positive and her mind sharp through the ordeal.


As a way to boost her recovery, Gena's husband purchased a bike to encourage her to use exercise as a method of both coping mentally and staying healthy. This loving gesture would be the spark that set Gena's life on a new, healthier path.

Fast forward to 12 years later and Gena is Cancer Free, using her testimony and passion for healthy living to impact others. Through Playa's Fit Club, Gena is affecting the lives of women in the Raleigh-Durham area through in-person fitness training. She reaches a wider audience on social media in the form of inspirational posts, and by sharing her daily workout routine.

Gena's prayer is that God would continue to use her to cause others to seek health, wholeness, and spiritual wellness.

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